Miguel CBT (Malanjo)
Miguel CBT (Malanjo)
Owner and Founder at Kari Pictures
Porto, Portugal


I’m a Digital Artist, with 20 years of experience working with Computer Graphics, with a design and a traditional arts background acquired in the College of Fine Arts.

I'm the owner and founder of Kari Pictures, a Production Company with a strong Animation, Design and Visual Effects core, working worldwide with Advertising Agencies, Brands, Game Studios & Entertainment Studios.
For more details please follow www.karipictures.com

Some major companies I worked for, before opening my own company, include Blur Studio, Axis Animation, Buck Design, Volta, Prime 1 Studio and Liquid Development. This means I have the high quality and necessary knowledge according to the first world class production pipeline studios.

My artworks won the best awards in the world of computer graphics like Animago Awards, CG Society Award Challenges, Artstation Challenges, 3D Total, CG Hub, among others. Also they showed up in the major CG websites, festivals and magazines in the World, like Gnomon Gallery, Zbrush Summit, Siggraph, Ballistic Exposé, Ballistic D’Artist Character Modeler, Ballistic Exotique, 3D Artist Magazine, 3D Creative, Imagine FX, Fantasy Art Now, Zbrush Central, CG Society, CG Talk, just to name a few.
I was also a Zbrush Sculpt-Off Contestant in the 2017 Edition.

Thanks for your visit,
-Miguel CBT

- Pixologic Zbrush Sculpt-Off Contestant 2017 – Hard-Surface category;
-“Beyond Human – Cowgirl” wins Artstation Challenge Honourable Mention – October 2017;
-“Earth’s Builder” displayed at Gnomon Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, for the “Art of Zbrush III” Exhibition – October 2017;
-“Earth’s Builder” featured in Gnomon’s Website to announce “The Art of Zbrush 3” exibihition at Gnomon Gallery, Hollywood, California. September 2017;
-“Beyond Human – Cowgirl” awarded with a Staff Pick Award on Artstation;
-“Palace” featured in Autodesk 3Ds Max official Facebook page;
-“Palace” featured in Autodesk official Instagram page;
-“The Special One” featured on 3D Artist magazine issue 102 ;
-“Football Player” featured on Pixologic official Facebook page;
-“Football Player” featured on Pixologic Zbrush official Twitter page;
-“Wonder Woman” featured on CG Society official Facebook page;
-“Rambo Portrait” featured on Pixologic Zbrush official Instagram page;
-“Rambo Portrait” featured on Pixologic Zbrush official Facebook page ;
-“Rambo Portrait” featured on Pixologic Zbrush official Twitter page;
-“Steampunk Robot” featured on CG Society official Facebook page;
-“Warrior Girl” featured on CG Society official Facebook page;
-“Blue Devil” featured on CG Society official Facebook page;
-“Vampire Hunter” featured on CG Society official Facebook page;
-“The Special One” 3D Artist website best image of the week;
-Animago award 2008 – Best still image;
-Ballistic D’artist: Character Modeling 3, with 2 artworks;
-Ballistic Exposé 8;
-Ballistic Elemental 3 with two artworks;
-Ballistic Exotique 4 – double full pages;
-Fantasy Art Now 2;
-3D Artist Magazine issue 4 Gallery – page 15;
-3Dcreative Magazine issue 35 – gallery;
-3Dcreative Magazine issue 34 – gallery;
-3Dcreative Magazine issue 33 – gallery;
-3Dcreative Magazine issue 35 – “making of Uplift Universe” requested by Zoo Publishing;
-Imagine FX Magazine, September 2008;
-CGsociety Article Making of “The Special One”;
-CGtalk CGchallenge XXII (Uplift Universe) – Best modelling prize winner;
-CGtalk CGchallenge XXII (Uplift Universe) – Honorary mention;
-Siggraph 2008 Los Angeles – Poster artwork exhibited at Zbrush booth – booth 711;
-4x 3Dtotal “making of” on site – requested by 3D total team;
-5x 3Dtotal excellence Awards;
-3x CGhub GoldAward;
-Challenge “Porto em 3D 2007” – Winner;
-APS Arte Digital Magazine issue 16 – Cover + pages 18 to 27;
-2x front page at CGhub.com;
-4x front page at CGtalk.com forum;
-1x front page at CGsociety CGportfolio;
-3x front page at Zbrush Central forum;
-3x front page at CGfeedback forum;
-3 artworks at Pixologic gallery;
-Render Out magazine issue 6 – gallery;
-Render Out magazine issue 4 – gallery;


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Software proficiency

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